Friday, July 19, 2024 

Who We Are
    Our Pastors
    The Five Solas
    Why Shepherd's Fellowship Exists
Where We Meet
What We Believe
    The London Baptist Confession of Faith
    Detailed Statement Of Faith
Ruling Principles

Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro is committed to:

    • True worship in spirit and in truth and the exaltation of the Triune God - corporately, as families, and as individual believers in every aspect of our lives (John 4:23-24).

    • The Bible as our sole authority, sufficient for the believers sanctification.

    • The preeminence of preaching as a means to powerfully proclaim the truth of the Word of God.

    • Exalting the whole character of God, including His sovereignty and His holiness, in all aspects of our ministry.

    • Proclaiming the sovereignty of God in salvation (The Doctrines of Sovereign Grace).

    • Evangelism, including every believer’s responsibility to be a witness.

    • Disciplemaking, with an emphasis on small discipleship groups as a vehicle.

    • Missions, with an emphasis on reaching unreached people groups through supporting and sending missionaries.

    • The Ordinances of our Lord - the Lord’s Supper and the baptism of believers by immersion.

    • Developing and appointing a plurality of godly Elders to shepherd and give spiritual oversight to the church and godly Deacons to serve the practical needs of the church.

    We believe that the effectiveness and strength of the church and our ability to keep these commitments with integrity is dependent on corporately and individually seeking God in prayer.